More from today’s class

Class went by so quickly today! As promised, here is the information we either missed or had to go through quickly:

Types of blog posts: (Also in the handouts tab)

  • News event preview – looks forward to an upcoming announcement and explains the possibilities and meanings of what is to come
  • Breaking news – instead of focusing solely on the new information (a speaker is chosen), this post explains why this “breaking news” matters in the gran scheme of things
  • Solicit reader assistance – this one is a bit unorganized, but you can see how the author has given context and information while asking for opinions
  • Human interest/helpful items – this is written in first-person, whereas yours needs to be sourced, but it is a very thorough example of this type of post
  • Profile/Ask an Expert– in this case, the writer is the expert, but you could follow a similar approach by taking readers’ questions and asking an expert source, then writing it up as a blog post

Author: jbcox

I am an associate professor in the Communication Arts Department at Salisbury University. I teach classes in multimedia journalism, and my research area is online journalism and social media.

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