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Reminders for tomorrow

I’ve noticed that several of you still need to turn in tomorrow’s two assignments. To refresh your memory, here is what’s due:

  • Web hit assignment
  • Beat brainstorming sheet
  1. List two possible beat ideas you would like to work on
  2. List three viable story ideas for each
  3. List a possible blog title for each beat
  4. List five people who would be main contacts for your beat
  5. Find another blog or news site similar to what you are doing – share the link & give a brief (2-3-sentence description of the site and its similarities to yours)

Turn it in via MyClasses prior to class Tuesday, and be ready to share with the class

See you tomorrow!


Author: jbcox

I am an associate professor in the Communication Arts Department at Salisbury University. I teach classes in multimedia journalism, and my research area is online journalism and social media.

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