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About CMAT 347

Catalog Description: Theory and practice of the production of print, broadcast, and online journalism using mobile communication devices. Three hours per week plus enhancement.

Prerequisite: You must have earned a grade of C or better in CMAT 240 prior to beginning this class.

Course Description: This course will use mobile communication devices to produce quality print, broadcast, and online journalism pieces.  Students will use this technology to cover news stories in the Salisbury area.  Students will also study how the journalism and citizen media fields are evolving with new technology, studying and using social media platforms to create and distribute news and connect with news audiences.

This class is intended primarily for CMAT majors and minors and does not meet university general education requirements. This class will involve several out-of-class writing and reporting assignments designed to prepare students for real-life media work and future courses.

Course Objectives: This course will take you beyond the confines of traditional media writing you have mastered up to this point to explore the evolving field of journalism. We will use mobile devices to report on multiple platforms throughout the semester, and we will discuss ways in which working with these new technologies is impacting the journalism field. Upon completing this course, you will:

  • Be able to report and disseminate news on multiple platforms and using various technologies, including blogs, photos, audio and video.
  • Be able to write and report clearly and concisely, using AP Style and appropriate grammar.
  • Understand the ethics, opportunities and repercussions involved with reporting in a mobile environment.
  • Be able to communicate with audiences effectively and promote your news work using social media.
  • Add to your repertoire of journalism work in ways that will make you more marketable in the fields of journalism, public relations and a variety of other communication fields.
  • Be able to think critically about the field of journalism, its evolution into a mobile, digital environment and the implications of a 24-hour news cycle on journalists and society as a whole.
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