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Graded Assignments

We will learn several new multimedia skills throughout the semester. You will work through a sequence of steps for each new practice: Assigned reading, class lecture, class practice activity, homework assignment. The semester will culminate with a final project incorporating the different skills you have learned.

Quizzes (10 percent)

You will have five online quizzes on readings and AP style/grammar throughout the semester. All quizzes will be announced beforehand. These are designed to ensure you have a complete understanding of the concepts by keeping up with the readings and to help you stay sharp with your writing skills.

Classroom Activities (10 percent)

Following the introduction of each new skill, we will practice the technique together as a class. I will walk you through the technical steps involved with each skill, and you will use your classmates or others on campus to help you practice it. Each classroom activity will be uploaded to MyClasses.

Beat Reporting (50 percent)

After we have practiced the new skill together, you will be responsible for using it on your own to report a story on your beat. All beat reporting must adhere to the guidelines outlined in your ethics contract. If I discover you have broken an ethics rule (using a friend as a source, conducting email interviews, accepting gifts, etc.), you will receive a zero on that assignment. Each beat reporting assignment will be posted to your blog.

Beat reporting assignments include:

  • Web hit
  • Blog post
  • Photo vignette
  • Social media video
  • Edited video
  • Audio story
  • App story

Final Project – Multimedia Story Package (15 percent)

You must use a combination of multimedia elements learned throughout the semester to compile a story on multiple platforms to post to your blog. Your project must include photos, audio/video and writing. You should also use social media to promote your story and encourage interaction. You will present your work to the class during our exam period. Due Dec. 10, 10:45 a.m.

Enhancement Project (15 percent)

University policy dictates classes offering four credits must include an “enhancement hour.” Essentially, this is additional instruction or work assigned outside of the class meeting time designed to enhance your independent learning in the subject field.

You and a partner will choose a social media platform (no duplicates) and conduct research on how that platform is used to cover and distribute news. You will provide original research about the platform, real examples and a thorough analysis of its strengths and weaknesses as a news tool. You will also report your own story using the platform. You will then create a 10-15-minute online Panopto presentation of your research and story to the class. Presentations will be due throughout November. You will also be expected to view your classmates’ presentations and post thorough comments about them on MyClasses as part of your project grade.

Extra Credit

You will have various opportunities to attend meetings for CMAT’s professional groups throughout the semester, including The Flyer, SPJ and SU-TV. I will offer extra credit for meetings attended on your quizzes and classroom activities as the meetings come up. I will announce these extra credit opportunities in class and post them on the events tab on the right-hand side of this page. If you have suggestions for extracurricular events that you believe would inform you as a journalist, please let me know, and I will consider them.

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