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Mobile Apps Scavenger Hunt

Here is the information for your mobile apps scavenger hunt, due by 11:59 p.m. tonight.

Also, here are the reminders/announcements for today:

  • Scavenger hunt due to MyClasses by 11:59 p.m.
  • Final project plans due by Nov. 26 for feedback
  • No class Tuesday – look for project feedback


  • 20 extra credit points: SPJ meeting, tomorrow, 1 p.m., DB 126
  • 10 extra credit quiz points: WXSU event: tonight, 6-8 p.m.
    • A curated panel discussion experience by “THFCTRY” about the in’s and outs of finding your niche in the music and radio industry as a young professional coupled with the fast-paced lifestyle of being a student. Event will feature interactive visuals, music, and a Q&A session.”

Social media assignment

Here are the guidelines for the social media assignment, due to your blog by class time Dec. 3.

Remember, come prepared for the social media apps scavenger hunt Thursday. Here are some of the suggestions I made to you:

  • Steller
  • Fyuse
  • Adobe Spark Post or Video
  • YouTube
  • Periscope
  • Videolicious
  • Storyline by Arcivr
  • Wallame
  • SnapChat
  • Facebook Live

Don’t forget: Project plans are due Tuesday to MyClasses.

See you Thursday!

Final project information

Here is the information and rubric for your final multimedia project.

Your final project is due to your website by exam time (10:45 a.m.) on Dec. 12. You will deliver a 5-minute presentation of your materials to the class, including your photos, video and additional element.

Failure to attend/present your project will result in a 10-point reduction of your project grade.

You will need to turn in a project plan to MyClasses prior to class time on Nov. 26 containing your story idea, and addressing how you will use each of the required elements listed above.

In lieu of a class meeting on Thanksgiving week, you will need to communicate with me regarding your project plan and progress, answering any comments/questions I have about your plan as an in-class activity grade.

Enhancement project info

Hello, all! I just wanted to make sure you all had the correct information for the enhancement project due Thursday. Apparently, there is an old version of the project info floating around somewhere.

Here is the CORRECT project info and rubric: Enhancement Project

I am also still trying to secure a computer lab for us tomorrow for audio slideshow editing. Stay tuned for info on that…

Reminders for the week

Remember, we will not have class Thursday – work on your enhancement projects and your social media videos.

Your social media videos are due Tuesday. Make sure you bring in the rubric, filled out by you, to turn in at the start of class.

Next week, we will begin learning about using audio in our videos. In preparation for that, read chapter 6 – “Making Audio Journalism Visible.” We will have a quiz on it one day next week.

Have a great week, and come see me in my office if you need help moving forward with your project or assignment. Project presentations will be on Nov. 14.